Ultramax Chassis

Description Price each    
2013 Badmax Chassis $1395.00

A new chassis for the cost of a used chassis!
With the cost of racing increasing tremendously in the last few years, this year at Ultramax, we are doing our part to help the racer that competes at the local level and has no need for latest and greatest "item of the month". The new "Bad Max" will also be an ideal chassis for the entry level racer to start off with to learn the basics of kart racing and still be competitive in all divisions. With racers being able to purchase a brand new affordable chassis for around $1300.00, the racer will now have a choice on whether to buy a used chassis that may have been damaged or have other problems or go with the new Bad Max.

In order to produce a chassis that the racer can purchase in the $1400.00 range, we have used our many resources to purchase quality component parts and products used on our Bad Max. We are saving racers money by leaving off frills like special anodizing, etching, and substituted many "top of the line" items that we use on our other high end models with quality reliable components. The Bad Max will be mig welded, not tig welded, but as always, we will maintain our very high level of quality on every product we manufacture, and the Bad Max will be manufactured under the same very strict procedures and standards that all of our chassis are manufactured by.

The Bad Max will be available only in black, and will not be able to be upgraded with options. Including seat and steering wheel.

2013 Phaze-X $2050.00

After much research and consideration over the last few years with tire programs, track preparation, and different track soils and conditions in different parts of the country, we have developed a chassis for 2013 that is based on performing at its best on low grip track conditions and preparation. We developed this chassis using the technology and past history of our other chassis offerings we have produced in the past. The new Phase-x chassis design, is a combination of our race proven and reliable Centerforce and Octane models. We have also integrated some of the latest technology and products into this chassis. The Phase-x will be available at a lower cost to the racer than the Excentric chassis. This chassis is also available in the Expert Package for $2695.

2012 Excentrik Chassis $2295

With years of competition now behind our innovative all new chassis design, the 2006 Inferno, the accomplishments of the new design have shown in all phases of competition. The all new Excentrik is a continuation of our desire to be the best chassis on the market

The 13' Excentrik model can also be upgraded to the full package, that for 2013, will be call the "Xpert pkg".

2013 Excentrik EXPERT Package $2895.99





Ultramax Accessories

15 Degree Motor Mount $89.95    
8 Degree Motor Mount $89.95    
Ultimate 14" Steering wheel $64.95    
Rookie Adaptor Plates $59.95    
Ultra Chain Guide $46.95    
Rear Loop Bumper $69.99    
Aluminum 5qt. Fuel Tank $64.95    
Vahpor Body Kit $210.99



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